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*new* application

+ Fill out this application along with your pics +

Age: 14 1/2
Sex: Female
Location: New Hampshire

Favorite music(artists,type): Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, DMB, Trans Siberian Orchestra. Basically anything, just not too much rap
Favorite book: The Truth About Forever, Sarah Dessen and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Your favorite movie/tv show: Movie: Oceans Eleven TV Show: ER ( old episodes)
What do you think about drugs/smoking/drinking: Not a fan, never done any of it. However many of my friends have so I must support them either way. I wouldnt do them though, many drugs are harmful and I dont want to mess around with stuff that is not safe.
What is the most important thing to you: The most important thing would be my family and friends obviously, but I am sure a lot of people say that. So I am going to say my education. To get anywhere in life you need a good education, and I really hate it when people dont take it seriously. You cant get anywhere in life these days without an education.
If you had the power to do any one thing what would it be: Find a cure for AIDS. AIDS is just terrible. Rich people need to start investing their money in something a little more important than a new SUV.
What brought you here(if it was a memeber, please tell me who): I was searching for new comunities =]
Why you think you deserve a 'yes': Because I really want to be a member of a cool community and I like the sounds of this one. I can be commited to posting and I am not someone who would harass someone on line, because thats just wrong? Yes. I want to have fun =]



Me and my friend Kelsey at our semi last year.

My friend Rachel and myself.

Again, me on the left if you didnt know already.

One more...

My friend Kelsey and myself.


Please accept me <3

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