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Name: Lauren
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: New Jersey

Favorite music(artists,type): i like all types of music, because i have all different types of friends who introduced me to what they like <3
Favorite book:A Black Girl in Paris, Johnny Tramain, Any Poetry book
Your favorite movie/tv show: Movie- The nightmare before christmas, TV-Laguna Beach
What do you think about drugs/smoking/drinking: i dont do it but im not going to hate on someone who does, the best i can try and do is get them help
What is the most important thing to you: knowing that my family and friends love me and are their for me, and surport me
If you had the power to do any one thing what would it be: Turn back time, because iv messed up alot of things from wrong judgement
What brought you here(if it was a memeber, please tell me who): i was in a community and the girl mod of this commuity posted a link so i clicked it
Why you think you deserve a 'yes':
im confident and i think im pretty, im honest and try my best to suceed in whatever i do

meme and danieme on the left in shoprite playing hide-and-seek

me haha that picture was candid so i wasnt looking really

brit and me me on the right, down the shore with my friends

meme in my bedroom..yeah failla is my last name

me n britits kind of bad but the left

baby meme when i was a

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